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»How can DSL streamline the logistics of drop shipping?

DSL eliminates the manual carrier selection process and the excessive phone calls. Communication is always instant and precise. DSL offers a simple form for entering your jobs. All shipping documents are automatically generated for printing at the end of each session. Every transaction is automatically saved and is easily accessible for future reference.


»How does DSL offer a high level of service at such competitive prices?

DSL specializes in drop shipping US Mail to Post Offices.  We have perfected an operational system required for consistent and successful deliveries.  In the process, DSL has established partner-pricing with America's leading transportation providers.


»What type of US Mail can DSL ship for me?

Our web application was designed to provide shipping for letters and flats.  Please contact us if you have other shipping needs.


»Why does DSL outsource transportation?

Outsourcing allows DSL to select only the best ground carriers and specialized air carriers to transport your mailings.


»Can you pick up my mail today?

Yes, if we receive your request by 3:00 PM, your mail will be picked up by 5:00 PM.  If the pick up request is received after 3:00 PM, the pick up will be scheduled for the next business day.


»How do I know where my mail is after it has been picked up?

DSL provides you with a shipment status update at dropshiplogistics.com or by e­mail.


»Why drop ship to the delivering Post Office?

By drop shipping with DSL, your mail is expedited to the delivering Post Office, increasing the accuracy of in-home delivery dates and providing savings from the USPS.


»What is the USPS discount for a drop shipment?

NDC:  Letters - $0.022/piece    Flats - $0.43/piece
SCF:   Letters - $0.028/piece    Flats - $0.53/piece
DDU:  Discounts vary for flats and Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service


»What documents are required for shipping?

A Postal Form 8125, completed by the mailer and the local BMEU/DMU, must be sent with each mailing to provide proof of postage at the destination Post Office.  DSL will provide Bills of Lading and Pallet Placards.


»Do I have to make drop shipment delivery appointments?

DSL makes all USPS drop shipment delivery appointments through PostalOne's FAST application.  You have the option to make your own appointments.


»What type of payment does DSL accept?

Payments are made by eCheck, MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover credit card at time of service.  DSL pays the transportation providers for their services.


 Shipping Procedures

The Perfect Pallet:

Overall view

Closeup of stretch wrap
around trays and pallet
Top view

Please make sure the stretchwrap secures the mail trays or sacks to the pallet for safe transit.  For mailing requirements including pallet preparation click here.

The Shipping Documents:


Pallet Placard

Bill of Lading

8125 Inside Flag

Self Addressed &
Stamped Envelope

The Paperwork Process and Form 8125(s):

» Step #1
Make 2 copies of the 8125; staple each one to each of the two bills of lading.

» Step #2
Staple a "Please mail 8125 back to me" flag and a self-addressed
and stamped envelope to the original 8125(s).
It is not guaranteed that the Post Office will mail back your copy.

» Step #3
Place both original forms in an envelope and write:
"8125 INSIDE" on the envelope.
Or you may use a clear envelope as shown.

» Step #4
Affix the pallet placards to the top and the sides of
each pallet. Attach the envelope containing the 8125
to the top of the pallet. Secure the envelope behind
stretch wrap and/or use clear tape.

» Step #5
Present the bills of lading to the pick up driver.
The driver will affix a tracking number on both sets of bills.
One set (receipt) will be given back to you. The other will accompany the mailing.